Color-a-Card makes giving cards fun with playful designs for kids to color.



Cards have lines to write a special message

– so easy with a fill in the blank format.



Children color with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints – all work on Color-a-Card.


Cards are bound for safe-keeping, perforated for easy removal, and scored for quick folding.



Kids can practice writing with the help of the included letters and numbers guide.



No envelope needed. Just seal with the

included stickers. Printed with soy ink

in the U.S.A.

The Books



The Color-a-Card series features high quality, fun, and creative greeting cards for all occasions with a personal touch - when a text or email just won't do.


16 unique birthday & all occasion cards

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20 cards with 5 designs to choose from


16 unique animal themed cards

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About Color-A-Card

About the artist

Children are expensive—there’s no denying that. If your child has tons of friends and family, with a lot of birthdays and special occasions, the cost of countless gifts can skyrocket. Additionally, greeting cards cost around $5 a pop. Of course, there’s always bargain stores, but what busy parent has time to run out just for a card?


My husband and I attempted to add up the amount of money we spent on greeting cards over the span of a year and came up with a pretty scary number that got worse when our daughter started pre-school. We searched for card making kits, but those were more expensive than a store bought card! Plus, the kits had glitter, glue, scissors and other materials that are messy or difficult for young kids. We decided there had to be a better, easier way to give and receive fun, quality greeting cards at a lower price point.


This is what sparked our idea for Color-a-Card, a no-mess, eco-friendly, fun for all ages greeting card book! This is just the first in a series of products to come from our family owned business. We look forward to continuing to make family-based activities, and we appreciate your support!


—Brenda and Paul

Founders and Owners of Color-a-Card

Emily Payne is a 17 year old illustrator from Huntington Beach, California. From a young age, Emily’s parents encouraged her natural talent in every possible way. Because of this, she has mastered many media—from crayons and oil painting as a child to vector illustration and automotive airbrushing as a young adult.


Though Emily’s passion lies in photo realism, she has expanded her horizons professionally in order to bring her award-winning creativity to Color-a-Card to ensure only the best illustrations are available through our brand.



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